Scatter My Ashes

What we do? Exactly as the title says, we Scatter Your Ashes for you. Those ashes that have been sitting there on the sideboard in the cupboard, just tucked away or forgotten.

Well we will scatter them for you in a way you want. Have a read through our pages, if you have a special request let us know.

Our Packages

We have a wide variety of packages available for you to choose the best way to have your loved ones ashes scattered. We have everything from simple church or church yard scatterings through to last motorcycle and train rides before scattering.

Please take a look at some example belows or visit our Packages page for a more detailed list.

Route 500

A last journey on the special Highland 500 route with the ashes scattered en route.


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On the Beach

Have your ashes scattered on the beach or even abroad. Various countries available.


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At Sea

We can scatter the ashes of your loved one at sea or on a river of your choosing.


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If you are unable to find something specfic that you're looking for, or would like a combination of packages, please contact Scatter My Ashes to discuss your requirements.